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Three Ways Top Businesses Have Improved their SEO for 2013

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Did you know that in 2012, Google received over a trillion search queries? Think of what ranking high in search results could do for your website over the course of a week with these numbers, let alone an entire year.

Think search is irrelevant to your local business? Think again. Research shows that 89% of consumers now do online research before buying new products. Big companies and small companies alike benefit from SEO, or search engine optimization. Want to rank higher? Here are three ways that businesses saw improved search engine ranking for their keywords over the last six months.

1. Better Web Design

There is more competition at every step of the game, so having a well designed website should be a given. Affordable web design companies are out there, and can deliver you a website that has the layout, navigability, and speed you need. When it comes to speed, did you know that, according to reputable search engine optimization companies, the Google rank alg