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If you have been scouting the web sifting through this marketing blog or that webinar service or really any other webspace dedicated to integrating the internet with your marketing plan, then you have likely heard to terms social media and search engine optimization web marketing. That first term – social media – that one is easy. Social media is where your clientele is. The second term – search engine optimization web marketing – is how you find them, or rather is how they find you.

The key to letting your soon to be customers find you is by letting them see you. This is done through organic search engine results. Organic as opposed to what? Inorganic search results, or search results that are sponsored by

As the trend of mobile internet becomes more relevant, with over 88% of marketers saying that it is either “significant” or “very significant” how businesses reach consumers is becoming more important. More and more consumers are looking not only for something to purchase, but to post to social media as well. In other words consumers want content. Content is what search engine optimization web marketing gives businesses to reach their customers. And the content is working. Some 92% of marketing professionals agree that SEO content has a strong impact.

So you say you want to believe, but you need proof in the results of SEO web marketing. If the hall of marketers citing the effects of search engine optimization services as very effective is not enough for you, then there is quantifiable proof as well.

Before we get into what exactly you can track with SEO reporting, emphasis must be placed on the fact that these tools and search engine optimization web marketing only works for organic results, searches and clicks. This is great news, because three quarters of internet searches ignore the top of page sponsored search results anyways.

The quantifiable proof of search engine optimization web marketing getting improved search engine rankings is in understanding four key terms: impressions, clicks, average position and CTR.

Impressions gauge how many times any of the pages from your website show up in a results page. Clicks then is the count measuring of how many people actually clicked on the link to go to your webpage. Your click through rate or CTR will be the number of clicks you get per impressions made in the form of a percentage. Average position will show you the average placement in search results based on various search queries. This means that search results are predicated on keywords. for one keyword or another your webpage may show up in different positions. Averaging the positions gives you an idea of where in the rankings you are showing up.

Any good search engine optimization agency will not only explain these terms and more to you, they will keep track of them. Reputable search engine optimization firms will rely on the numbers derived from these status checks to analyze your website and find key areas to improve upon.

There are manny affordable web design companies out there that can act as an extended marketing team to your business as it climbs up organic search engine placement rankings.

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